Building Site Prep

One of the most important and required steps to any building project is the foundation that will stabilize the structure. Before any foundation work begins, the ground must be prepared. Having preparation services performed gives contractors the best chance of building a successful foundation. 


Driveway Grading

Wanting to get a driveway installed to an existing home or need assistance with new construction projects? Our dirt work experts provide accurate grading services for driveways. 

First impressions of your property begin with your driveway. The appeal, durability, and usability are all factors to take into account when considering hiring a driveway contractor.

Gravel driveways can be built using a variety of materials depending on climate, budget, maintenance preferences, and aesthetic appeal. The team at Property Enhancements will help recommend the best options for your property.


One of the critical features of getting a property landscaped is the hardscaping. From driveways to fences, benches to walkways, hardscaping is the definition of organizing decorative or practical features to enhance your landscape.

Property Enhancements, LLC provides land clearing services that help clear the area for construction, agriculture, park sites, and more. We can remove any trees, boulders, brush, etc. that are obstacles so you can start your project without delay.

After an evasive or old tree has been removed, stumps tend to hang around for a while and limit the area’s use. With our tree and stump removal services, we can provide the best course of action to clear your property and open up its full potential.

Trench Digging

What’s trench digging and why? Trenching contractors use equipment to dig spaces for building and infrastructure projects. 

Property Enhancements, LLC has experts who specialize in tunneling and trenching techniques to prep areas for big or small projects.