Stump Removal

Stubborn Stumps? Let's Remove Them!

After an evasive or old tree has been removed, stumps tend to hang around for a while and limit the area’s use. With our tree and stump removal services, we can provide the best course of action to clear your property and open up its full potential.

Avoid Getting Stumped

Removing and cleaning up stumps yourself is always a difficult task. There are several factors to consider before removing a stump. For example:

What will be used to replace the area after the stump is removed?

Knowing the answer this question helps determine how deep the stump removal needs to happen or if you need to remove the entire stump. 

How much room is available to use stump removal equipment?

Some stumps are located in tricky or tight areas that may make it difficult to use the proper equipment. If this is the case, plans will need to be made to make access.

Are you cleaning up the stump mess?

Removing a stump always creates a mess. If you decide to hire a company like ours to assist with stump removal, be sure to ask about a cleanup estimate as well.


If your project only requires the top of the stump to be ground down, the roots of the original tree will remain in the ground and decompose becoming part of the soil.

Depending are the space available in the area, our company will primarily use a commercial grinder to remove stumps. Additional machinery will be used depending on the depth the stump removing process needs.

After a stump grinding a pile of processed wood pieces and fibers that were once part of the tree will be left. Overtime (about 3-4 months) the material will decompose into a mulch and compost. 


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