Building Site Prep

Quality Excavation and Site Preparation Work

One of the most important and required steps to any building project is the foundation that will stabilize the structure. Before any foundation work begins, the ground must be prepared. Having preparation services performed gives contractors the best chance of building a successful foundation. 


Additional Site Prep Services

Site Clearing

Most construction sites are not prepared for dirt work right away. Our team will help clear and prep the area.

Site Surveying

It is necessary to survey the site and plan where buildings will go. Our team can help determine if the soil is fit to build on.

Site Grading

Once the site is planned out and cleared, we will use specialized machinery to level the site to the desired slopes and degrees.

Site Excavation

We can help move dirt out of the way, dig walls, and do infrastructure prep work, such as trenches for plumbing.


Foundations can fail when subjected to tension forces and shifting soils. To prevent this from happening our dirt work experts assess, grade, adjust, excavate, and compact the dirt to create the ideal foundation area.

There are multiple steps when it comes to building site prep services. Steps will vary depending on the situation and needs of the project.

A standard checklist to complete for each site prep includes:

  • Soil Testing
  • Surveying
  • Site Design Plan
  • Set Boundaries / Access Points
  • Site Clearing
  • Site Excavating & Drainage
  • Grading the Soil
  • Compacting the Soil


Like many construction sites, building site prep involves the use of large machinery and obstacles during the process. Our dirt work crew makes sure to take site-specific safety measures that are relevant to each unique project.

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